In the trial she was now summoned as a witness, but made use of her right to refuse to testify

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In the trial she was now summoned as a witness, but made use of her right to refuse to testify

The first episode of the long-running hit was broadcast in 1967.

In case of doubt for the accused: A 51-year-old man was acquitted of murder on Monday in the Regensburg regional court. According to the indictment, he should have stabbed an acquaintance – which he always denied. The court had to deal with the case for the second time. In a first trial, the Pole was convicted of murder in February 2019. The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) in Karlsruhe however reversed the judgment and referred the case back.

The presiding judge said the man’s death was not an accident. However, it is not clear who stabbed the man. On that boozy evening in May 2018 in Neustadt an der Donau (Kelheim district) several people were present.

The BGH had stated that a woman was also a possible perpetrator. On the evening of the crime, she told the police that the victim fell into her knife. In the trial she was now summoned as a witness, but made use of her right to refuse to testify.

SSV Jahn Regensburg will be playing in the 2nd Bundesliga on Saturday (1 p.m.) at SC Paderborn in front of empty ranks. The reason is the high number of corona infections at the venue. The Paderborn announced this on Tuesday. At the SC, in coordination with the local authorities, the boxes, hospitality areas and all other seats in the public area will remain empty for the first time this season.

A 67-year-old woman fell and was seriously injured at the Walhalla memorial in Donaustauf near Regensburg. The woman fell a few meters, the police said on Wednesday. She was taken to a hospital. It was initially unknown why the 67-year-old fell on the replica of a Greek temple on Wednesday afternoon. There are no indications of third-party debt, it said.

A 65-year-old died in September after losing his balance on a staircase in the Walhalla and falling three meters down onto a terrace.

Former Sebastian Kerk from Nuremberg almost single-handedly inflicted the second defeat of the season in the 2nd Bundesliga on Jahn Regensburg. The 26-year-old attacker scored three goals in the rapid 4: 2 (2: 1) of VfL Osnabrück in the Regensburg fog on Sunday. Jahn made a few mistakes too many defensively and did not act as effectively offensively as the guests who moved up to second place.

"The opponent was more callous than us", commented Jahn coach Mersad Selimbegovic. He annoyed the creation of the goals against: "We behaved naively in a few situations." Jahn starts the international break in eighth place with nine points. Selimbegovic was satisfied with the demeanor and morale of his team.

Kerk, who came from Nuremberg in the summer, played big on his first goals of the season for Osnabrück. He converted two penalties he was responsible for (22nd / 72nd minute) and crowned his performance with a brilliant free kick from a good 30 meters (41st).essays about community service

"If you score three goals, you can be called a match winner"said Kerk with a smile. Despite the hardness of his shot on the free kick, the ball did not seem untenable for Kevin Kunz, who temporarily replaced Alexander Meyer in goal, given the great distance. The number 1 complained of back problems while warming up and had to pass. The fourth goal for the determined guests was scored by Etienne Amenyido (64th).

In the intense fighting game, the Regensburg team took the lead with a header from Andreas Albers (12th). After Aaron Opoku’s Joker goal (75th) to 2: 4, midfielder Max Besuschkow could even have made the one-two perfect. However, Osnabrück’s goalkeeper Philipp Kühn (77th) kept his hand penalty.

"It would have been very exciting if we had cleaned the 911", Selimbegovic quarreled after the final whistle. The guests surely brought the lead over time.

Several graves have been damaged in a cemetery in Regensburg. According to the police on Thursday, grave lights and grave decorations from a total of seven graves were destroyed on Wednesday night. According to estimates, the perpetrators caused damage in the four to five-digit range. Several graves in the cemetery were devastated at the end of September. The perpetrators bent and partially torn off metal crosses and damaged other grave decorations. They also set fire to wooden crosses and grave arrangements that they had previously placed in a heap. According to the police, there is still no evidence of the possible perpetrators.

The chairman of the German Society for Infectious Diseases, Bernd Salzberger from the University Hospital Regensburg, has agreed the federal-state agreement on targeted, regional anti-corona measures as "a step in the right direction" praised. "In the east, in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the epidemic is very, very different from that in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg or North Rhine-Westphalia. So it makes sense that we have these adjusted rules that come into effect when the epidemic shows certain limits", said Salzberger on Wednesday the Bavarian radio.

The federal and state governments agreed on regional countermeasures on Tuesday if the number of new infections in districts exceeded certain thresholds. Then there should be restrictions on the number of participants in private celebrations in these regions.

Regarding the recently increased number of new corona infections, Salzberger said: "I am worried about these numbers – but I am not as worried about these numbers as in March because the increase is much slower." He sees the reason for the increase not only in the fact that you are more indoors again. "Most of what we see now actually comes from returning travelers, it comes in from the outside and then spreads here explosively, especially at private celebrations"he explained.

In the Bavarian forests, wild animals can find acorns and beechnuts in abundance this year. Experts call this the mast year. "This means that the table is richly set for many animal and game species that specialize in these fruits"said Thomas Schreder from the Bavarian Hunting Association.

Small mammals and birds like squirrels and jays can stock up on supplies for the winter. Wild boar, roe deer and stags eat a lot of winter fat and get through the cold season better.

As a result, the reproduction rate of wild boars in particular increases significantly in spring, said Jan-Paul Schmidt from the Bavarian State Forests. More babies could be born between February and April and should more survive thanks to milder temperatures, the wild boar population in the Free State would increase.

With a view to African swine fever (ASF), which has now also reached Germany, that could cause problems. "The increase in the wild boar population increases the risk of an outbreak and the widespread spread of ASF"said Schmidt. The wild boars must therefore be hunted intensively.

Nevertheless, the hunters will not target wild boar more often during the fattening year. In the past hunting year 2019/2020, according to the hunting association, they had shot around 112,000 black smocks – a record number.

"The kill numbers for our game species do not change because more food is available"said Schreder. Especially since the food found on the forest floor can make hunting more difficult. The wild boars have to move less when looking for food and are therefore more difficult to recognize.

Eight years after Maria Baumer’s violent death, the verdict was pronounced before the regional court in Regensburg: The 26-year-old’s fiancé is guilty of murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment on Tuesday. The judges are convinced that the 36-year-old wanted to be free for a relationship with a patient. Insidiously and for low motives, the nurse killed his fiancée with medication and buried the body in a forest. After that, the man practically created "lustful"As Chief Justice Michael Hammer put it, a lie to deceive relatives.

Nobody else was there when Maria Baumer died on the night of May 26, 2012 – except for her fiancé. From the point of view of the jury chamber, after a three-month circumstantial trial – in which they meticulously analyzed statements from witnesses and experts, evaluations of cell phone and computer data as well as traces on the corpse and on the pit in the forest – it is certain that the woman was the mixture of lorazepam and tramadol did not consciously take it himself. The 36-year-old gave her – presumably in a cocoa – with the aim of killing her. "She was as innocent and defenseless as a person can be."

It cannot be clearly established that the woman died from the medication, said Hammer. If she was merely anesthetized, the chamber assumes that the woman will be strangled or suffocated. In the weeks before Baumer’s death, her fiancé searched the Internet for terms such as "the perfect murder", "Stranglehold", "one can die of an overdose of antihypertensive drugs" searched. He also bought a spade in a hardware store.

The motive for the act, so the chamber: The defendant wanted to avoid separation. Otherwise he would have had to admit to his family and relatives that he had turned to another woman while preparing for the wedding and had neglected his studies. This one "Loss of face" the man wanted to prevent it. His goal was to turn to his patient in the future, the "had become the focus of his life. Maria stood in the way". His relationship with the young woman was downright obsessive, but she did not reciprocate the feelings.

The killing of Mary also gave the man the opportunity to take on the role of a victim himself. By disappearing "the love of his life" he has secured the sympathy and attention of relatives and the young patient. It was not a spontaneous act. To prevent the body from being found and the lie exposed, the man did not shrink from sprinkling it with quicklime, so that it partially saponified and liquefied.

Also noteworthy is the appearance of the fiancé on the ZDF broadcast "File number xy … unsolved" A few months after Baumer’s death, said the presiding judge. There he put himself in the limelight, lit a candle in a church and claimed to have put his studies on hold because he could no longer concentrate after the disappearance of his fiancée. He was "largely bogus free"which was also a lie.

All statements of the accused in the course of the trial could only be used if they were supported by other evidence, said Hammer. The man had made himself unbelievable by his numerous lies. He doesn’t even shy away from meeting people close to him who have a trusting relationship with him, "systematically to be duped". And the defendant only had to dispose of the body in view of the "overwhelming evidence" confessed.

The conclusion of the presiding judge: "Maria Baumer did not take the medication herself." It can be ruled out that they were attached to it by third parties. "Only the defendant comes into consideration." He had access to the drugs through his job.

Baumer’s body was found in a forest by mushroom pickers in September 2013. The fiancé was already considered suspect at the time and was in custody for six weeks. Due to new investigation results, he was arrested again in December 2019.

Now the verdict has been pronounced: life imprisonment for murder. The judges also determined the particular gravity of the guilt. The defendant, who was assisted by his brother, watched the judge’s statements with a motionless face. The judgment is not yet final. One of the defense lawyers announced that he would go into revision.

Regensburg Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer is happy that church services can continue to take place despite the rapidly increasing corona numbers. In a message published on Thursday, Voderholzer thanked the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU), who expressly referred to the fundamental right of religious freedom during the negotiations on the latest Corona measures in Berlin on Wednesday. It is important that visits and pastoral care in hospitals and care facilities remain possible, said Voderholzer.

What actually happened on Whitsun 2012 in the apartment of a young couple in Regensburg? Only the accused in the murder trial before the district court of the Upper Palatinate city knows the truth. Prosecutors are convinced that the 36-year-old killed his fiancée with medication to free himself for a new relationship. The nurse buried the body in the woods – which he admitted. But he doesn’t want anything to do with the woman’s death. The public prosecutor doesn’t believe him and demands life imprisonment for murder. The defense attorney pleads for acquittal.

Flashback: Maria Baumer disappears at the end of May 2012. The 26-year-old is – that is how relatives and witnesses describe it – a cheerful woman. She has just started her first permanent job, has been elected chairman of the Catholic rural youth movement (KLJB) and is about to say yes. The wedding invitations have been sent. So why should the woman just run away?

The now 36-year-old German told the relatives that weekend. He had disappeared while jogging and Maria afterwards. Later she called him, supposedly from Nuremberg, with the information that she was on her way to Hamburg and would be back soon. Completely incomprehensible to the relatives who wait in vain. Because Maria does not return. In September 2013, mushroom pickers discovered her body in a forest.

The fiancé is arrested and placed in custody. He denies the act and is released. Six years later, in December 2019, the turning point follows: new technical means are used to detect traces of drugs on the corpse. In addition, the man makes his Google queries suspicious: After "the perfect murder" as well as deadly doses of medicine he had looked for in the weeks before Maria’s death. The public prosecutor’s office brings charges, the charge: murder.


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