Billions of clicks: This is the most successful YouTube video of all time

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Billions of clicks: This is the most successful YouTube video of all time

From gamers to hobbyists to TV broadcasters, everyone can upload their videos here and – at least in theory – speak to an audience of billions. Now Youtube has it "Top trending"Videos published in Germany for 2020.

"Top trending" does not simply mean the most clicks. Instead, videos are listed here that are not only called up exceptionally often, but are also viewed in a particularly broad target group, have a high number of viewers within a very short time and a few more points. So the clips met with widespread popularity and great interest and were not only watched by typical fans.

And from these points of view, it is not joke videos or the like that stand out – but many serious topics:

The video is in first place "Corona is just getting started" by the chemist and science journalist Dr. Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim. At the beginning of April, in her 20-minute video, she clearly and comprehensibly describes everything that one should know about the pandemic at this point in time. Over 6.4 million viewers gratefully took advantage of this.

Serious topics dominate the trending videos

Second place is also a serious issue: violence against women. The two moderators Joko and Klaas devote a quarter of an hour to the topic on Pro Sieben "Men’s worlds – harassment of women". It was also viewed on YouTube over four million times.

The Rezo video, in which the Youtuber settles accounts with the press, landed in fourth place and physicist Harald Lesch clarified the corona virus in fifth. The year 2020 – in addition to the house inspection of the new house of the Youtuberein Bibi (3rd place) – apparently also had many serious topics that were of burning interest to YouTube users. Here is the full list:

Top trending videos in Germany on Youtube

Corona is just getting startedMen’s worlds – harassment of women | Joko & Klaas 15 minutes liveWe show you our house &# 128525; HOUSE TOUR | BibiThe destruction of the pressCoronavirus – unnecessary alarm in the case of COVID-19? | Harald LeschThe penny market on the Reeperbahn (1) – SPIEGEL TV Classics (2007) What is a Bratan? Children ask rappers with Capital Bra & Bozza | Late Night Berlin | ProSieben10 MIN BEGINNER FROM WORKOUT // No Equipment | Pamela Reif10 minute mask | sew a simple makeshift mask | quick face mask for beginners with a nose clip Bayern tornado sweeps over Barca: FC Barcelona – FC Bayern 2: 8 | UEFA CUP

In the USA, the top trending video of the year is a mixture of seriousness and entertainment: It is the comedian Dave Chapelle who talks a lot about the protests after the death of George Floyd in his program.

The video in position two was made during and because of the corona lockdown in the USA but is wonderfully instructive and silly at the same time:

Over seven billion clicks: This is the most successful YouTube video of all time A visit to the zoo and Gangnam Style: The most successful YouTube videos of the last 15 years For videos over 18: YouTube wants to ask for ID in the future

An involuntary ninja warrior course for squirrels.

Sources used: Youtube: The top lists 2020 of the best videos of the year have been set

Irm Hermann is dead. The actress died at the age of 77, her agent Antje Schlag announced on Thursday in Berlin, citing the family.

The most beautiful pictures by Irm Hermann
Photo series with 13 pictures

The film, television and theater actress is said to have died after a short serious illness. Irm Hermann has worked in numerous German works.

Hermann was born in Munich in 1942. She trained as a publishing clerk and then worked as a secretary at ADAC. However, her real passion has always been acting.

She also played for Loriot 

Hermann took on her first role in the short film "The tramp" by Rainer Werner Fassbinder.write an argumentative essay step by step The two met in 1966 at a drama competition held by the Junge Akademie in Munich and became close friends.

Until 1975 Irm Hermann played in over 20 Fassbinder productions, such as "Fear eats up the soul". The actress mostly took on supporting roles in the director’s films and often embodied a similar type: the bad-tempered philistine. In the movie "Trader of the four seasons" she was seen as Irmgard Epp in a leading role.

With her move from Munich to Berlin, she not only distanced herself spatially from Fassbinder. Their roles also changed. Hermann showed her acting variety, played for directors such as Werner Herzog, Percy Adlon and Loriot. 

Most recently in 2018 in front of the camera

Hermann received the German Film Prize for portraying Sophie Scholl’s fellow prisoners in Percy Adlons "Five last days". The Munich resident stayed in with her roles for many viewers "Pappa ante portas" or "Germanicus" in memory. Hermann was also in several "crime scene"- and "Police call 110"- watch movies. The artist also had many guest appearances in popular series. So she was in "Heinz Becker family", Darling Kreuzberg", "Mom is impossible" or "Doctor’s Diary" with it.

Komische Oper Berlin: Irm Hermann (as the Kaiser) and the actor Dieter Montag (as Wilhelm Giesecke). (Source: picture alliance / dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++ / dpa)

Hermann was also very successful on the theater stage. So she played 1979 to 1980 and then again from 1987 to 1991 at the Berliner Volksbühne. Between 1991 and 1993 she was part of the Berliner Ensemble. For Schlingensief she stood in "Hamlet" on the stage as well as the imperious wife of the Chancellor in "Berlin Republic". She worked under Christoph Marthaler at the Volksbühne and at the Hamburger Schauspielhaus.

Most recently, Irm Hermann stood for in 2017 "Fack ju Göhte 3" and 2018 for "Labaule & Inherit" in front of the camera. Her voice is also known. She could be heard on the radio in various audio productions.

Has been through "Solo Sunny" known: Renate Krößner has died. Mourning for Julitta Münch: Ex-‘Morgenmagazin’-presenter dies at 60. He was 70 years old: Klaus Selmke from the GDR cult band City has died

Irm Hermann leaves behind her husband, the children’s book author Dietmar Roberg and their two sons.

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We are all looking for the truth. For some people, it’s all part of a conspiracy. In the video, shows what it looks like, how it comes about and what we can do.

Thousands of people take to the streets during these weeks. Criticism of the Corona measures is legitimate, the actions of those in power to question a basic attitude in journalism. But what is an opinion, where does the line between opinion and conspiracy blur and when do we talk about a conspiracy scenario? Who puts something like this into the world in what way, who is receptive to it – and how do you meet the followers? pursued these questions in a large video research and came across corresponding recordings and popular views. These can not only be found at demonstrations in Stuttgart and Berlin or in videos with a wide range on YouTube. There are also worldviews that one of the makers of this article encountered in his own personal environment outside of journalistic activities. He talked about this with people who are particularly well versed in this field.

When an opinion becomes a conspiracy theory, how a conspiracy scenario works, how the makers propagate it and why people believe in a large corona conspiracy can be seen in the video above or if you click here.

Ways of infection: Coronavirus – where you can get infected and where invisible damage: Recordings show what Covid-19 does in the lungs Extensive loosening: experiment shows why keeping your distance is now all the more important

Sources used: own research

She was an integral part of many shows by Klaas Heufer-Umlauf and Joko Winterscheidt. In his podcast, Klaas now revealed that Grandma Violetta died a few years ago.

These stars passed away in 2020
Photo series with 35 pictures

Klaas Heufer-Umlauf runs the podcast together with Thomas Schmitt and Jakob Lundt "Baywatch Berlin". In the current episode, Klaas revealed a sad secret: Grandma Violetta is dead. She was already there "Neo Paradise" Been part of Joko and Klaas shows. In 2015 she left "Circus halligalli" in the middle of a broadcast. After that, nothing more was heard from her.

Klaas: "God bless them"

In the usually fun podcast round, things got serious when Klaas initially spoke cryptically about a dead person. "Do you know who I was thinking of lately? And after a while I thought again: ‘Man, what kind of a special person was that?’"says the former Viva moderator. "God bless them. Unfortunately she is no longer alive. But many viewers who have been with us for years and have seen our programs will surely still remember them." It wasn’t until a little later that he became more specific and said: "I’m talking about Grandma Violetta."

Silence about cause of death

Joko and Klaas never publicly announced their death, but Violetta died three years ago. Klaas did not name a cause of death. The talk trio wallowed in shared memories. Klaas in particular said she was always "bizarre and surprising" been.

He also made it clear: "Any craziness that came from her on the show was really her essence. And when the cameras were off, she was just the same."

After cancer: ‘Shrek 2’ director Kelly Asbury dead at 60 Everything just fake ?: Laura Müller did not give Wendler the car. She died suddenly: First anniversary of the death of ‘Tatort’ star Lisa Martinek "Global Goal"-Charity concert: Pop stars collect donations for Corona aid

Thomas Schmitt, co-host of the podcast, also explained: "At some point she was no longer in the booth at ‘Halligalli’ and that was the moment when you noticed that she couldn’t cope with it physically." The age of Grandma Violetta is a secret that Klaas was never able to reveal.

Sources used: Podcast "Baywatch Berlin" from June 26, 2020 News agency Spot on news

The moderators Joko and Klaas competed against ProSieben again. This time they suffered defeat and are now faced with the punishment.

In the latest episode "Joko & Klaas against ProSieben" the entertainer duo had to assert themselves in six games and a final on Tuesday evening against their employer ProSieben. But a win and thus 15 minutes of live airtime as a profit were not granted to them this week. Instead, Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf have to take on an annoying task as a punishment.

The two TV stars have to speak all trailers for the film preview on ProSieben for a week. The station already delivered a foretaste on Twitter.


We won! The penalty for @jokoundklaas: You have to speak for us program trailers. All. From today and until the next episode # JKvsP7. And this is what it looks like. A little foretaste …

– ProSieben (@ProSieben) May 20, 2020" ,

That’s how the show went

The station can be represented in most of the games by prominent faces. And in the end they were stronger than the comedy stars. The entertainers Max Giermann and Katrin Bauerfeind were among the opponents. Joko and Klaas won four of the six preliminary round games and thus gained an advantage in the final: instead of ten, they only had to solve six tasks under time pressure – but that was not enough for victory.

The TV viewers were still enthusiastic and posted how entertaining the show was. The success of the show was also evident from the ratings.


Congratulations &# 129395;&# 129395; but with such a great moderator and Joko and Klaas I wouldn’t have expected anything else! &# 128584; # JKvsP7

– nina (@ steiner_21) May 20, 2020" ,


Love phrases like: "joko and klaas at record level" shows people want to see MORE joko and klaas. My opinion! # JKvsP7

– T. (@TypischTascha) May 20, 2020" ,


Me because I’m so grateful for # jkvsp7 &# 129392;

– Corinna (@Its_Me_Corinna) May 20, 2020" ,


Best episode … Best odds … more than deserved &# 128525;&# 128588; Congratulations to all the flamingos &# 128525;&# 129395; # JKvsP7

– Lara Reichling (@ReichlingLara) May 20, 2020" ,

Reality of many women: Why Joko and Klaas were right with their action "Perfectly invested 15 minutes": ‘Men’s Worlds’ by Joko & Klaas scandal on live TV: Joko and Klaas show RTL broadcast on ProSieben

In the past week, the two entertainers were superior to the station and gained 15 minutes of broadcast time.


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